Local Partners

Ritual Coffee

At the same time internationally renowned and a local favorite, Ritual Coffee Roasters is a fully independent, woman-owned coffee sourcing and roasting company founded in 2005 in San Francisco. Ritual purchases coffee directly from the farmers who grow it, and they are a pioneer of the West Coast style of light roasting that continues to define & push the boundaries of what coffee can be. In addition to their roastery and training lab, they operate three unique cafes in San Francisco and one in the heart of wine country in Napa. 


Steep Food Hill

Steep Hill Foods granola is made in a home kitchen on the top of the Castro hill. In addition to its location, the name has another meaning as the owner, Tricia Stone, began Steep Hill to sell her granola to raise money for a high school mountain bike team that she co-founded.

Steep Hill Foods has grown, and now, you can find four organic granolas in small markets in the Bay Area. They are all crispy, nut-dense and have a sweet/salty balance. Each granola has a unique mix of nuts, seeds, fruits and spices. They have a strong following among local food lovers. Her now-grown kids have been involved from the beginning—one inspired her to start making granola, another designed the front label, and the third helps her bake during peak times.  For Tricia, making and sharing the granola is an expression of love. Steep Hill Foods still gives a percentage of its profits to organizations that get kids outside in Northern California.



Prime Root

Prime Roots is on a mission to provide a better cut of meat for every type of eater. Rooted in koji, Prime Roots is able to replicate the taste and texture of meat without any of the environmental costs of animal proteins. Prime Roots sells a range of koji-based deli meats and charcuterie.



Rosalind Bakery

Matt Kosoy is a tech industry veteran who became obsessed with making bread (way before the "sourdough phase" of the pandemic in 2020). He started making bread out of his home in Pacifica for neighbors and then started selling loaves in front of a local coffee shop (P-Town Cafe).

By spring of 2017, Matthew moved out of his home kitchen and into a shared commercial space in San Francisco, and set a goal of developing a business around his love of bread making. His first step toward that commitment was selling bread at a weekly farmer's market. Fast forward to September 5th 2019, after a year of construction, Rosalind Bakery opened to the public. Matt named his new company "Rosalind Bakery" after his maternal grandmother Rosalind Rabin.

Ever since he's been working hard to create wonderful food for his community.




Each and every jar of preserves from Jamology combines the best of two worlds — sunny California and cafes of the streets of Paris. We believe that less sugar and more fruit makes better jam — it’s really that simple!