Our Mission

Le Marché Cezanne is inspired by French painter Paul Cezanne's beautiful reflection of life and nature in late-1800s Provence, France. Cezanne's art captured the natural essence of an era when individuls ate produce from their gardens, meat from their nearby farms, and fish from their local fishermen. With this philosophy in mind, our mission is to serve the Potrero community and beyond by offering local, organic food to promote healthy lifestyles.

Above all, Le Marché Cezanne is committed to the local community. By donating food to nearby nonprofits, offering discounts to shoppers who bring their own bags and coffee cups, and sourcing food from local growers and markets, we hope to brighten our little corner of the world like our namesake.

  • Local Produce

    Our fruits and vegetables are organic, fresh, and mostly sourced from California

  • Organic Meat

    All meat is certified Organic —animals are 100% organically fed without antibiotics or hormones

  • Wild Seafood

    Our seafood is sustainable — wild and freshly caught by local fisherman

  • Dairy & Dry Goods

    We offer a variety of dairy products from Bay Area farms and dry goods from local vendors

  • Deli

    Fresh sandwiches, salads, and a wide selection of French cheeses and local charcuterie are available everyday

  • Coffee

    From 7 AM to 3 PM we serve coffee and pastries from local favorites, Ritual Coffee and Neighbor Bakehouse